Jim Hitt of Entrust Carolina NC Show You How to Convert Your IRA into a Self Directed IRA and Then Invest in More Agressive Vehicles Like Real Estate Invsesting
"SUPERCHARGE Your IRA"  with Jim Hitt

Listen to an Audio Interview on How to Do This Concept with
Mr. Private Money, Gary Brevko.

For more than 32 years, Jim Hitt has been committed to all aspects of real estate
investing.  Considered an expert by most who associate with him, he's a helpful
resource for investment knowledge, often found donating his experience without
expectation of return.  

Starting in the mortgage & real estate brokerage businesses in California, he was
inspired by all the options available to do a deal.  Jim loves delving into the complex &
making it simple for others to grasp.  He prides himself in doing no money down deals
even when he's got plenty. He is thrilled by creative financing prefers doing deals for
the joy of the deal, not the money.  He believes the money will follow.

Jim has developed, owned & managed multi-unit properties & commercial buildings.  
He's in the middle of developing a complex of  200+ modulars in Asheville by involving
other investors.  He prefers getting someone into a new unit with a clean slate instead
of dealing with

Jim resides in the Asheville area of North Carolina & serves on the Board of CREIA
(Carolinas Real Estate Investors Association).  He has given his time teaching in area
REIAs like Asheville, Spartanburg & Greenville on a regular basis.  He's headed up the
number one most popular Finance Focus Groups in both Asheville & Spartanburg for
well over a year.  For this dedication, he's charged nothing to the clubs or members.

Currently, Jim has been teaching how to use your IRA to invest in real estate to earn tax
free income.  He is an agent for Entrust & is certified to help investors turn their IRA into
a self directed IRA.  Come SUPERCHARGE your IRA with Jim Hitt.

Listen to an audio interview on how to get money from private
investors at will, go to the Mr. Private Money site with Gary Brevko.
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Jim Hitt
Supercharge Your IRA
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