Jason Loucks has been investing for over a
decade, and has created a strong six figure
income for his family.  In his late teens & early
twenties, he tried all kinds of get rich quick ideas,
but nothing panned out like real estate investing.  

Jason started investing while working at a GNC
health food store, making about $350 a week.  
Knowing he & his family would never be able to
create any lifestyle at an average job, he worked
hard on the side to become a successful investor.  
He even did some lucrative creative stock market
investing, but nothing worked for him like real
estate investing.

Jason Loucks jumped in with both feet & had 15
rentals in just a few months, then he had a cash
crunch.  From this struggle, the idea to treat this
new venture like a business rather than an
investor, he developed the "Rapid Real Estate
Riches System."  He believes that you should
concentrate on doing deals to make cash today,
then later add some buy & holds to provide
security & residual income.  

Now in his 6th year of training new investors with
his system, they now encourage others to let him
mentor them as well.  Jason's techniques are
reasonable & down to earth, therefore anyone can
make money with the system.  

Jason Loucks is the owner of Home Financing
Options and is currently in his early 30s.  Jason
has a great relationship with his wife Laura and
children.  They continue to live in South Florida.  
Jason Loucks has been speaking at some of the
Ron LeGrand  seminars.  Ron is the author of
"How to Be a Quick Turn Real Estate Millionaire."
Jason Loucks  Real Estate Investing
Jason Loucks interview with
Glen Woodfin on the
Real Deal Radio Show
Jason Loucks interview with
Glen Woodfin for
REDHOTspeakers.com   "Sell Your House in 7 Days"
Jason Loucks
Jason Loucks Biography                    
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These two free audio interviews with Jason Loucks mention products and prices which are no longer available.
However, Jason Loucks's real estate investing creativity still shines through and provides many street smart investing ideas.
Ron LeGrand, well known in creative real estate investing
circles.  His "Quick Turn Real Estate" books have many fans.

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