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I hope the Holly Mann site has been
an inspiration to you.  Building the site was
kindled with a passion from a growing desire
to being able to share with others what
jazzes me.  I became familiar with Holly Mann
as I began to dedicate myself to learning
Internet Marketing.  I was overwhelmed to say
the least.  

Are you wondering how the banner on the
Holly Mann site was created?  Even though I
own everthing Adobe has ever produced
(Adobe Master Suite for $2500), I used Xara
Extreme ($79) to produce the banner for  I
always use Xara before I revert to Adobe
because it's so intuitive.  Adobe is the
standard for web graphics, but it's super hard
for beginners.

Just click around the Xara site till you find the
video tutorials and you too will become a
graphics pro today.  Yes, it really is this easy.  
I own Xara Extreme Pro, but I've never
needed anything above Xara Extreme.  It even
does Flash.  I created the following 4 ads
with Xara Extreme.

I also created the banners at and
with Xara in minutes.  I held off building many
websites till one day I found the Xara video
tutorials & viola', I was producing striking
graphics in minutes with almost no
experience.  I can not recommend Xara
Extreme highly enough.

Go back to the home page & sign up for the
free stuff.  I will be sending the free video
tutorials that I am creating to those that sign
up soon.  Become a member, you'll get more
than you expect...

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Xara Makes Graphics a Breeze
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I Can't Imagine Doing Web
Graphics without Xara
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Holly Mann recommends Carbon Copy Marketing by Mike Filsaime
Our Recommendation
Hello fellow Internet Marketers!  I'm the man
who had the privilege of interviewing Holly on
the recordings above.  As you might imagine,
it was better than a night at the cinema.  Holly's
is a great movie.

In the past 2 month's, I have purchased about
$10,000 of Internet Marketing courses & none
has been more helpful than Holly's eBook.  I
love her book.  Nothing has helped me more,

A close second place is the course to the left.  It
contains 41 instant access videos that show
you how to be an Internet Marketer in a step by
step Video Professor style.  It's like you're
standing over his shoulder while he coaches

I use Holly for strategy & Mike for
how to.  They
are the two best on the market that I've seen for
beginners.  Get them both & put feet to your
dreams.  Both offer 100% money back
                   Glen Woodfin
Listen to this 8 minute message
on Glen Woodfin's thoughts
after interviewing Holly Mann.
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Building a Website is Easy with Yahoo Sitebuilder
Yahoo hosts almost all of my sites.  They are the standard in the industry.  
In 5 years of using them, my sites have never gone down.  They load fast and
are reliable.  They do backups daily, but I've never had to use them.  It's nice to
know that they are there if you need them.  With the Yahoo name, you know
you've made a good choice.

I build all of my sites from a blank page, I hate templates, they look so generic.  I
feel they are restrictive.
 The Yahoo SiteBuilder program is FREE and works
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their free software.  If you like templates, they have tons of them.  They give
you a fee domain name with your web hosting.  They have 24/7 support and
they answer quickly.  They are very helpful and patient.  Check out their Yahoo
SiteBuilder program, it free, so start playing with it to see if it's for you.  Click on
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SiteBuilder with Yahoo Web Hosting.

Tossed in with the web hosting you get tons of email addresses, more
bandwidth than you'll ever need and a free traffic analyzer so you can tell where
you traffic is coming from and what they did while they were on your site.  This
is very helpful when you're figuring out what advertising techniques are working.

Brad Fallon is famous for his  site that his wife
started that made them over $10,000 the first month.  They built it with the
Yahoo Store.  Now they make several hundred thousand every month from it.  
Yahoo Stores are the standard in the industry so let your mind run wild as to
what kind of store you want to build.

I also bought the
Andy Jenkins course on how to build a ecommerce/Yahoo
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