Meet Graham and Donna Treakle

Authors of The Insider's Guide Successful Short Sales

Graham Treakle was born in 1975 in Charlottesville VA., where he lived with his parents and
two younger brothers until he went to college. Graham attended the University of North
Carolina at Greensboro where he met his wife Donna. Two years later, Graham transferred to
the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and graduated with a major in political science.
Over the course of the next several years, Graham worked at three (3) of the country 's largest
banks. Donna is a NC native from Asheville. She graduated from the NC Teaching Fellows
Program from UNCG, majoring in Art Education. Donna taught high school Art in the Guilford
County and the Davie County Schools Systems before becoming a fulltime Mom and real
estate investor.

Graham and Donna have four children under the age of five, three daughters and one little
boy. They run a successful real estate business from their home, and have been active real
estate investors since 1998. They specialize in helping people who are in difficult situations,
such as foreclosure, divorce, separation, or job loss. People in these situations need to sell
their homes quickly. Graham and Donna have found that organization is the essential element
to success. They have created several organizational systems that help Donna manage both
the children and the business at the same time.

Graham bought his first foreclosed property three months after graduating from college. “I
learned in college that about 90% of millionaires start in the real estate business, and I have
followed that model ever since. On my very first investment property I bought and sold it in less
than 15 days, and made over $12,000.” Since then Graham and Donna have bought and sold
over 75 houses.

“For several years we focused on buying and selling low end homes to other investors. We
would buy a distressed property, fix it up, and then sell it as a rental property. We then met Jeff
Kaller in High Point, North Carolina and were introduced to the world of pre-foreclosures. We
worked with Jeff for about six months, and learned that by working with higher dollar homes we
were able to make larger profits. Jeff moved his Mr. Preforeclosure business to Florida. Shortly
thereafter, Donna and I began to develop our own systems, which have proven to be
successful. We continued our real estate business by concentrating on buying and selling
bread and butter homes that are in foreclosure.”

Graham and Donna have had tremendous results in obtaining short sales on properties that
are in foreclosure. Graham used his experience as a banker to create a system that
addresses the short sale strategy from a banker’s perspective. Using this system, Donna
negotiated a short sale on a property that was appraised at $123,000 down to $68,250.
“Negotiating this short sale was a great experience for me. It proved we had a winning formula
in negotiating short sales that I could do this while being at home with the kids and make good
money too. During our career, we have helped many others negotiate successful short sales.”
Graham Treakle