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Larry Goins Real Estate Investing Training
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"I pledge to be honest & assess
speakers to the best of my ability."

Glen Woodfin
Being the founding president of 5
real estate investment associations, I
understand the pressure on you & your leaders to
make your meetings
valuable to those that attend.  We are
always looking for speakers that train & entertain.  
Speakers need to inspire the audience to go to the
next level & then leave the room buzzing with
excitement.  Let's have a RED HOT meeting!

Need a speaker for your next event?  Email Glen:
Glen (at)
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Success Tips from the
experts on how to make
money from home and
around the world.  
Seminar speakers with
money making ideas for
entrepreneurs and
those that want to quit
their job and own a
"business of my own."
"Sell Your House in 7 Days"

with Jason Loucks
Houses in south Florida were appreciating at a 20 to
40% rate for the past 5 years, but this has slowed
tremendously, leaving many investors' houses just
sitting there unoccupied.  Jason Loucks, a prolific
residential investor, found solutions to move your
properties in one week.  No more sleepless nights
worrying about vacancies with no income and tons of
Jason will tell you exactly what he does to
miraculously sell properties, at will, on the
teleconference,.  Go ahead  & listen for free!

Jason Loucks has been investing for over a decade,
and has become a millionaire before reaching 30
years old.  In his late teens & early twenties, he tried
all kinds of get rich quick ideas, but nothing panned
out like real estate investing.  

He started investing while working at a GNC health
food store, making about $350 a week.  Knowing he
& his family would never be able to create any lifestyle
at an average job, he worked hard on the side to
become a successful investor.  He even did some
lucrative creative stock market investing, but nothing
worked as well as his real estate investing.

Jason jumped in with both feet & had 15 rentals in
just a few months, then he had a cash crunch.  From
this struggle, the idea to treat this new venture like a
business rather than an investor, he developed the
"Rapid Real Estate Riches System."  He believes that
you should concentrate on doing deals to make cash
today, then later add some buy & holds to provide
security & residual income.  

After 4 years of training others, testimonies from his
graduates draw others to let him mentor them as
well.  His techniques are reasonable & down to earth,
therefore most anyone can make money with his

FREE Jason Loucks Audio Interviews- click here!
Success Tips from Success Coaches and Success Trainers
Jason Loucks mini picture.  Jason nows is a seminar speaker for Ron LeGrand
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Dear Jason,

This was exactly what we
needed to get ourselves in
the right path. You definitely
have a unique system for
learning the real estate
business. I know many
people who have tried to do
it with someone else and
they're not making any
substantial amount of
money. If anybody wants to
make money with real
estate then your system is
for them! On my first deal, I
made $69,466! On my
second deal, I made
$8,000 in 10 days. On my
third deal, which I'm selling
now, I'll make OVER
$80,000! Here's a copy of
that first check- for $69,466!
Thank you,
Andres F. Escobar

Click my photo to see my
check & a larger photo!
Photo of  Andes F. Escobar
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Jason Loucks!
Salesmanship & Persuasion
Stock Market Trading
Travel & Adventure
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On the 15th of March 1985 - 20 years ago - Ayshe
started her first company, A-K-A Computer Training
in Park Lane, London. She was lucky to be in the
right place at the right time as computers had only
just started to become popular. Consequently, her
company did very well and she was able to invest in
the property market in England, but she also
expanded the company and created a recruitment
division, AnKer Support Personnel. Everything was
fine until the recession hit. At that point, she shut
down the Recruitment Office and concentrated on
the IT Training company, branching into IT Bespoke

In April 2001, with absolutely no knowledge of the
US marketplace and no contacts in the US, she
decided to open a property investment company in
Jupiter, Florida. Within six months she was making
a profit.

Several business associates wanted to know how
she was able to do this, so in 2003, Ayshe started
the Business Development side of the business
where her motto is Business Growth through
Training. She was featured in both ZEST and SHE
magazines as a business coach.

She has fully developed 5 statagies for creating
wealth with real estate:

  • Pre-foreclosures
  • Tax Liens
  • Tax Deeds
  • Real Estate Notes
  • Investing in UK Properites

Clearly, even foreigners see what a great
opportunity lies in the states for anyone who is
willing to learn the techniques.  Allow Ayshe to
guide you to success.
"Starting with $3000, Buy a
Rental Property in the UK with
Positive Cash Flow & Get
$8000 Cash Out at Closing

with Ayshe Kadir
from London, England
“The event was very well
organized and run.  Ayshe
has a mountain of
awesome information on
investing in the USA.  Her
knowledge and experience
are both extensive and
represent a great financial
opportunity for those
prepared to grasp it.  The
venue was excellent.  I
would recommend this
seminar to anyone who is
prepared to take the plunge
and let Ayshe guide them to
millionaire status.”

Mike Withey

Company Director

Woodland Property
Student of Ayshe Kadir, Mike Withey, company director of Woodland Property Services
Ayshe Kadir photo of Invest in the States
David Whisnant, a real
estate lawyer from Atlanta
teaches you how to make
public records your money
making real estate
goldmine to separate you
from the competition.  

David will show you how to
use the public records to
find all the financing for
your deals with private
lenders instead of the
commercial lenders that
move like molasses.

Next David shows us how
to find motivated sellers in
an untapped resource on
public records.

Want to be the James
Bond of your local market
& discover the secret
techniques that the
biggest investors are
using without a sweat
while others are
scrambling for crumbs?  
David reveals his stealth
methods by using the
public records.  
Real Estate Investment
British Flag photo
Click Arrow to Listen
Mark Houser, author of Getting Your House in Order, a book about becoming your own insurance adjuster
David Whisnant, real estate lawyer, author of Complete Real Estate Investing course on the 4 Real Estate Investing website
David Whisnant, real estate lawyer and real estate investing author
"Beat the Vultures
to Hidden Foreclosure Deals

with David Whisnant, J.D.
His family freaked out when David Whisnant walked
away from his solid law career as a real estate
attorney after just 2 real estate deals.  One day it hit
him that he's making $500 per closing and the real
estate investors are walking away from the table
with tens of thousands.  

Being a thinker is second nature to David Whisnant.  
He reveals how you can do circles around the
competition by understanding where to go to find
deals while the herd is fighting over bones at
foreclosure auctions and unlikely deals that come
from cookie cutter "Avoid Foreclosure Postcard
Systems" that other guru investors teach.

Even advanced investors will have an "ah hah" or
two while hearing how David watches the crowd &
goes the other way to eliminate the stress of fighting
with other investors just to get a skinny deal.

David Whisnant's niche is the Public Records.  Even
in Atlanta with more foreclosures than any other
market, David dances circles around even the
seasoned investors.

On the recorded seminar above, David will reveal:

-the hidden foreclosure market on public records

-how to never compete with other investors on price

-how to get sellers to take low offers when they were
dead set on an unrealistically lofty price

-how to get real estate sales agents funneling you
wholesale deals leaving the other investors
wondering how you do it

-learn how to triple your leads to conversion rate

-how to set up an untapped wellspring of referrals
that pour in like a fresh mountain cascade

Listen to these two interviews with David Whisnant
and make the public records your favorite place for
Click on the arrow above to listen to David
Whisnant revealing a few of his secret
skills to the Foothills Real Estate Investors
Association in Spartanburg, SC.
Click arrow
for a tele-seminar
with even more secrets...
"Half of All Homes Have a $5,000
to $10,000 Insurance Claim
Just Waiting for You to Take It

with Mark Houser
Mark Houser didn't ask for his bathroom to be
flooded with water at this house, but that's exactly
what he had.  What was likely going to be a $3000
insurance claim wasn't even going to begin to solve
the real cause of the problem, so Mark got focused
on dealing with this issue correctly and the
insurance company ended paying him $26,000
because of what he learned about filing claims.  He
believes that he would get over $40,000 with his
current knowledge More and more passion burned
within him when he realized that most insured
people were practically helpless in these
circumstances.  He ended up becoming an expert
at Public Adjusting, then went on a crusade
teaching others to do the same.  Now, he reveals
his secrets to the everyday homeowner & investor.  
With his techniques, you'll now take control of an
insurance claim.  No longer will you just take what
they offer to you.

In the introduction of his course:  
Getting Your
House in Order
, Mark states, :Most people don't
know what or where to look for damage in their
home.  Five out of 10 people have a $5,000 to
$10,000 claim in their home right now and don't
have a clue that it's there.  Most people think if they
put in a claim that their policy will be canceled or
non-renewed."  He then emphatically states,
"Horsefeathers," and shows you exactly how to get
the money.

Do you know what type of homeowners policy you
carry on your house?  Is it an HO1, HO2 or HO3?  
Don't go another minute without the one he
recommends or you may lose thousands in a
Included are two revealing DVDs.  In the first, Mark
explains his system on winning an insurance
claim.  The second is a complete walkthrough of a
house while Mark show you how to find these
unexpected claims.  As a bonus Mark includes a
section on How to Win in Small Claims Court Every
Time.  A second bonus booklet is on how to make a
bundle in probate!
Check out Mark Houser's Website- Click Here
Doug Wead photo banner
Coming Soon!  Look forward to an interview with the presidential advisor to Ronald
Reagan & George Bush, Sr.  
Doug Wead is a New York Times Bestselling author,
having written 27 books.  Doug is a profound motivational speaker having filled
coliseums on 4 continents.  
Doug Wead is co-founder of Mercy Corps which has
raised over a half a billion dollars to help in disaster relief around the world.  We will
proudly bring you a brand new interview with a master mentor in getting things done!
To Whom it May Concern,

Mark Houser and Doug
Wead spoke at our
recent conference , the
Georgia Real Estate
Investors Association
(GaREIA) Money
Conference, October
21-22 in Atlanta, and the
response from our
audience was fantastic.

Mark Houser is a powerful
speaker who closed our first
day. Mr. Houser has written
a new comprehensive book
on homeowner's insurance
called, Getting Your House In
Order. Mr Houser is
extremely knowledgeable in
many aspects of real estate.

We recommend Mark
Houser as an excellent
speaker for any event
and had a large group
after the meeting crowed
around him for at least
an hour. Both Mark and
his Partner, Doug Wead,
are extremely caring
individuals towards their


Karen Yaap

Education Director,
Mark Houser, CFIC (Certified
Financial Independant
Consultant), CCC (Consumer
Credit Counselor, DES (Debt
Elimination Specialist)
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I was cRaZy that my computer was taking 5 to 10
minutes to boot up.  It was getting slower and
slower.  Forget about opening the browser to surf the
net...that was taking 2 minutes just to open.  Other
programs were even worse.  What could be wrong I
I tried my usual fixes:  a disk cleanup, a complete
scan disk utility on startup, I ran 5 defragmentations,
I went into msconfig to eliminate all unnecessary
startup & background programs, I erased several
programs on my hard drive to create more hard drive
I defragged my paging file (which few people even
know they have one), & NOTHING HELPED!  My
computer still ran like molasses.

At last
I FOUND THE ANSWER!  Through tedious
research I found a program that ranked as one of the
top 5
must haves for your computer.  Top five?  Why
wasn't I familiar with it?  An independent article from
a tech website recommended it, so I went to the site
& the more I read about it, the more it made sense.

I downloaded it right off their official site and
rebooted my computer.  
It worked!  My computer
rebooted in a fraction of the time
it used to take.  My
browser popped open, instead of the normal 10
second delay.  Things that used to take forever, I now
zip right through them.  

The program actually works in the background
automatically when memory is not needed;
therefore, you never have to defrag again manually.  
Diskeeper does it on the fly automatically.  It's truly a
set it & forget it product.  This is not the latest
gimmick.  This company has been around for years
& years.  I will never run a computer without it again.  
I bought the licenses for each of my 4 computers.  I
love the difference & I believe you will too.  Vista
doesn't need it.

Try the 30 day FREE trial.  You never pay a dime if you
don't like it, but you'll have a hard drive that's been
optimized for free.  You have nothing to lose.
"How to Speed Up
Your Computer

with Glen Woodfin
One of the secrets to using
the Diskeeper is to know
that the first time you open
a program, it will run like
normal, but the second
time you open an
application, it might pop
open.  The Diskeeper will
actually rearrange the files
on your hard drive to open
your programs faster.  It
learns which programs
you use most often to
make those open even
faster.  I am blown away
with it's blazing
performance.  It can make
your computer run faster
than when you bought it.  It
makes hard drives last
longer with more stability
& less crashes & freezes.

I bought 4 Diskeeper
Premier Pros.  The key to
this version is the I-Faast
technology, a new
breakthrough in storage

Glen Woodfin
Do you want to make more money online?  You've got to
cancel everything you are doing on October 3rd, 4th & 5th of
2008 and come to the biggest & best Internet marketing
seminar in the world bar none.  This is my second one I'm
attending & it has totally changed my dreams for the future.  
I've put many of these step by step techniques I've learned into
practice & now I feel like a weight is off my shoulders.  Not
knowing this information can cost you millions of dollars!  Do
you want to make money with your real estate investing site?  
Make money 24 hours a day while you sleep, then you've got to
invest in your future now by clicking on the Big Seminar 9
banner above and open the door to your dreams by coming to
this world class, life changing weekend!   
Check Out Glen Woodfin's New Blog at:
This will be my 3rd
Big Seminar I've
attended in Atlanta.

Between the cutting
edge Internet
marketing training &
networking with will
your financial future.

Glen Woodfin
"Holly Mann, a Broke Single Mom
at 22 Years Old, Started Making
$12,000 a Month Working at Home

with Holly Mann
Holly Mann Audio Interviews- Click Here
Mini photo of Holly Beth Mann and her son, Joshua Tyler Mann
Holly Mann, work from home
mom, author, Internet
marketer & eBusiness
consultant with her
son, Joshua Tyler Mann
While looking for
information about
Internet marketing, I kept
coming across an eBook
by the Rich Jerk, but in
the Google ads right next
to the search page, it had
an ad that said, "No
Thank You Rich Jerk,"
and then a competitive
product by a 22 year old
who was making $12,000
a month working at home
on her computer.  The
book was only $37 & I
couldn't resist.
Rarely does one come across a success story that
reads like a movie, but I found a single mom, who at
22 years old, was broke, but came back swinging
with work from home strategies using a computer &
has been making at least $10,000 a month ever since.

Holly Mann has written an eBook about how you can
also make a great income from home using her
techniques. She doesn't promise you a get rich quick
scheme, rather she encourages you to put effort into
it to achieve your goals.  She has testimonies from all
over the world saying thanks.  

Holly Mann Internet Marketing Audio interview- Click
Big Seminar 12 - Internet Marketing Seminar
Atlanta, GA - October 3rd, 4th, and 5th
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